Rj Sports Hub

One of its kind Sports Hub located in RJ Mall in Karachi’s posh
locality Gulistan-e-Jauhar boasts state of the art infrastructure
plus facilities and amenities and features unheard of any other
sports hubs located in far flung areas of Karachi. At RJ Mall
Sports Hub we provide as well as cater to the needs and wants
of our target audience and sports business clientele. Located on
the 5th Floor of RJ Mall the hub is the second-best initiative
after RJ Mall’s Naya Urdu Bazaar in joint venture with A & I
Group of Companies. One unique feature of the hub in
comparison to other hubs is that it has its Sports Hall of Fame
which is deemed to attract a considerable number of visitors on
a daily basis. The air-conditioned spacious shops and
showrooms each with their own international brands and logos
displayed with impressive illustrations are visible from Gulistane-Jauhar’s Main Rashid Minhas Road to several pedestrians and
passerby’s in vehicles. Sports related businesses are given the
opportunity to open and establish their shops and showrooms
on a booking rate of 25% with possession on 60% with a
guaranteed rental income. The second-best initiative after RJ
Mall’s Naya Urdu Bazaar the project seeks to foster healthy
mind refreshing activities in kids so that their focus on studies is
mind rewarding. Also, celebrities of various sports played in
Pakistan will be invited to address on the Sports Hub initiative
and related projects both with the A & I Group and RJ Group as
well as the audience visiting the RJ Mall Sports Hub and, in the
process, singing memorandums of understanding and
appointed as brand ambassadors for the Sports Hub and
related initiatives.