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Ever thought about working for an agency with such a diverse range of operations and with inroads into virtually all segments of the tertiary sector? It may not be the only one but it definitely is an enterprising institution with a business acumen known for its risk taking and training programs offered to its workplace so that they can deliver to the best and maximum to all businesses especially the corporate sector. An equal opportunity employer A&I does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation. At A&I we offer an attractive salary package and benefits accompanied by facilitation for the employees at all levels of management and strict professional standards for dealing with employees’ concerns, problems and issues related to work. Our corporate culture like the corporate culture of reputed organizations and institutions guarantees long term commitments of the employees to the company even well up to retirement. Even if the employees leave the company and wish to rejoin it at a later date our doors are always open for them. Not only the employees even their immediate families are looked after by the company comprehensive employment program. We cater to employees of all academic levels and accordingly assign them designations, tasks and responsibilities based on their interests and strength level with the particular nature of job in question.
Name any designation or department you want to work as and for and we offer it to you. Do you have what it takes to be a goal-oriented employee of a dynamic agency like A&I. Are you ready to embrace A&I’s corporate culture which not only grooms you but also makes you into a full – fledged all rounded professional and a distinct individual with a mark to show for?
A&I prepares you for a successful professional life and as a professional who can showcase his abilities and qualifications and his/her worth at A&I as well as apart from A&I. When A&I facilitates it also turns its workers into fast paced individuals who can survive and adapt perfectly to the cut throat competition of professional and practical environments.
Applicants to our company are nurtured and trained practically and professionally at all levels.
Interested applicants can send their resumes or CVs whether its’ for training, internship, full time/part time job at this HR address:

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