Welcome to A & I Group

A & I Group of Companies also known simply as A & I is a marketing, advertising and real estate company/agency based in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. As one of the top real estate and marketing agency among similar other agencies, A & I help an assortment of businesses in all their projects and business operations. The company serves its varied clientele through the mediums of internet marketing consultancy, traditional marketing consultancy, designing and implementing nearly every form of marketing and advertising collateral that businesses need to be successful.

What started of as a small business venture and a typical marketing and real estate agency has now blossomed into a full – fledged agency specializing in advertising, marketing and real estate with business operations in full swing in the country’s capital and making its presence felt in global hub Dubai. As CEO I’ve had the credit of diversifying and expanding the company’s operations and making inroads into both commercial and non-commercial sectors. In essence my company is the spokesperson of many renowned and influential businesses and companies and has laid the foundations for helping them grow, establish expand and become versatile in all aspects of their roles as providers of high- quality products and services and opening their own niche markets targeting an audience composed of varied demographics.

There is more to A & I than what meets the eye. As director company I’ve revamped and improvised the company’s management style both horizontally and vertically delivering on both sides of the business spectrum and also introducing and inculcating a distinct corporate culture. The management follows a uniform structure whether its at the company’s head office or offices situated outside Karachi. I’ve interlinked the varied departments and sections of the company which are disparate yet serve the same mandate, the same corporate philosophy and the same mission towards which the company has strove for, is striving and will continue to strive for.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key to creating long term relationships with customers and delivering on commitments within a realistic timeframe. Utmost attention is paid towards the needs, wants an demands of clients and making sure that the clients are satisfied with our company’s policies, the products and services we offer and our methods of delivering on all big and small, long term and short- term projects. What we try to identify in our customers and clients’ attitude is their faith and trust in us and the sustainability of A & I’s relationship with them. We give them ideas with regards to investments, and comprehensive future plans for their businesses. To achieve and fulfill all that has been stated, we have a 24/7 call center based in Karachi as we believe that the best company can conduct its operations in all shifts, plus the noteworthy aspect in this call center service is that we provide services to customers and clientele at after hours too whether it is business to business or business to customer dealings.

Strategy & Planning

Strategy and strategic planning help businesses in deciding their aims and formulating objectives. Identify your target audiences and choose the best way to speak to them and in the manner so that they are eager to hear from you. Planned marketing is essential for the success of any business. A & I assist businesses in implementing cost effective strategies, and planning business stratagems. If a business has a plan, we know how to execute it and if the business does not have a plan, we create one for them. We have worked on a large number of upscale projects and have to our credit unique tactics for helping you stage and roll out projects to a wide range of audiences and other business partners like the valued individuals they are.

Corporate & Internal Communication

Your brand reflects your business and what it stands for and works for.
The bottom line of any business or company is annually reflected in national and international company performance reports. What you intend to say and how you say it, it is crucial to your business’s success. A & I is here to publicize your brands and promote your u.s.ps by employing professional copywriters and web content developers for all your business and company’s internal and external communications. We are ready to work with at all levels and partially take the credit with you in how you market and promote your business. We will employ customized multimedia and PR plus organize business workshops and seminars for your business. We also have training programs accompanied by sessions and videos to facilitate improving and improvising specific skills and in the process templates, processes and policies for you so that you in turn can train others for better future business prospects and in terms of better and effective business management.

Product Development & Production

Product Development & Production We work with varied businesses in creating products and marketing services that will help businesses to drive growth and new income with the current state of their resources. If you want to create unlimited clientele you will have to recourse to 24/7 operationality and expand your brand nationally and internationally. We help at all stages the products go through from design to delivery.

Begin with a plan

Everything begins with a plan and all plans lead to conclusions and end results of one sort or the other. The most successful of all plans speaking in terms of business that matches business’s aims and objectives to its’ target audience’s wants and desires.

Right people for the project

A & I believe and upholds the notion of right people or organization fo the right business or project. We at A & I are very straightforward and easy to deal with and attempt to deliver on any project assigned to us with the risks and losses divided equally between us and the business on whose behalf we undertook the project.

One Stop Solution

The right departments/sections with the right tasks and the right roles A & I’s varied yet interconnected departments/sections accordingly cater and deliver to an assortment of businesses. Some of our highly acclaimed departments/sections which have initiated and done extensive work on some of our award- winning projects are:
A & I Realtor – This department deals with real estate
A & I Home Solutions – Interior and exterior designing
A & I Studio – Photography and film making
Pakzamin – A& I news web channel
Pak Zamin. Pk – The online portal for buying and selling property
Mid Man – PR and event management section of A & I

Future goals and promises

• Becoming a profitable organization by taking advantage of high investment and lucrative opportunities as they surface over a certain period of time
• Recruiting motivated, hardworking, dedicated and successoriented individuals
• An enlarged permanent workforce who meet all the company’srequirements
• Developing strong and established corporate identity in specified market areas and in the corporate/business world
• Establishing a good corporate culture and promoting the company at all levels using all available methods
• Becoming one of the top agencies worldwide in the fields of marketing, advertising and real estate
• Establishing successful partnerships between us and our clients and also with target companies respecting the interests and goalsof each party who are involved in the partnership
• Providing high quality products and services plus furnished state of the art projects and offering the best investment plans for the future

Community Consultation & Engagement

Galvanizing the support of local communities as well as the general
public who can make a positive impact on businesses and their plans
based on the quality of information they have about businesses and
their plans. It is crucial for businesses that they engage with people at
the right time and with the right messages. Our Campaign Group which
represents Community Consultation & Engagement has extensive
experience in preparing community information campaigns and fundraising
efforts so that we at A & I can work with businesses and
companies to identify their objectives and develop strategies to
connect them with their stakeholders.


A & I have organized a range of meetings from high profile
video conferencing meetings to press conferences in a time span of 10
years. The planning and time demanding nature of work lies with A & I
while our clients and partners enjoy being in the spot light.

Strategic Communication

The focus of A & I is strategically communicating with businesses and
assisting them in how to communicate with their target audience and
niche markets

Optimize your budget

Optimize Your Budget
A & I work to optimize marketing budgets of businesses so that every
PKRs can be measured and construed towards desired outcomes.

Our Expertise

We only accept clients we believe we can assist. If the business or
company’s needs are beyond our scope, we at A & I will say so and if
possible, will refer you to an appropriate agency/channel. In terms of
financial dealings, we quote all our costs upfront so there are no
surprise fees or charges. If your needs change, we are happy to requote
to fit your budget. The very nature of our business is to be
timely and responsive to your needs.

Products/ Services

A&I Advantage Card

A & I ‘s fabulous feature, a paperless money, easy to carry and cashablat  any outlet and venue this advantage card is only specific to RJ Mall where customers after acquiring it have discounts on all outlets even food court. This card allows the customers both general and specific discounts plus on availing discounted items complementary items are given for free. The validity of this card is from 3 to 6 months up to 1 year so avail the maximum you can within this time period. What’s more you can cash the maximum with this card at RJ Mall’s two greatest initiatives namely RJ Naya Urdu Bazaar and RJ Sports Hub offering items and accessories nearly every tangible item with regards to these two initiatives. The first 3 months usage of this card is free and after 6 months you will only have to pay a surcharge of PKR 1000 and then the period of 1 – year validity starts. During this validity period you can cash on anything and everything RJ Mall offers with a variety of shops housed in it and especially what its two projects Naya Urdu Bazaar and Sports Hub has to offer which are very different and unique in terms of how they operate and what they offer to their customers. The card comes in three categories Silver, Gold and Platinum offering their own discounts and their own distinct amenities and services.

Student Advantage Card

Not just an average card for an average student, its an enterprising card for enterprising students. With the student advantage card students can cash the general as well as specific discounts at RJ Mall’s shops. Two places where this card can be used to the full is the Naya Urdu
Bazaar and Sports Hub plus will also be accommodated with regards to any other initiative either A & I or RJ Group offers. The Student Advantage card caters to students at all academic levels and will prove to be advantageous in the upliftment of the education sector as well as
attracting a body of students male and female who will also contribute to the promotion and expansion of Naya Urdu Bazaar and Sports Hub thus both ventures will be highly publicized and will achieve the desired level of success when the students are made a part of these ventures.